Medical-Grade Facials

Protect your investment! A regular facial routine is the foundation for keeping your skin youthful

No fru-fru facials here - our facials produce results!

The best place you can start on your anti-aging journey is taking care of your skin. A medical-grade skincare regimen is a MUST!

In addition, medical-grade facials every 4-6 weeks will boost the results of your daily regimen, allowing products to penetrate deeper and effect change at the cellular level. Facials also prolong the results of more intense treatments like microneedling, botox, etc., saving you money in the long run!

Our estheticians will assess your skin and customize the service to what it needs, so you can leave with that goddess glow!


I'm lazy or a minimalist - what skincare items are a MUST in my daily routine?

First and foremost, a quality SPF is the #1 priority to prevent aging. In addition, a good cleanser, Vitamin C, moisturizer and eye cream are essential!

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